Muhurta (Fix auspicious time)



Muhurta or fixing auspicious time is not just reading through Panchang and selecting a date and time. It involves deeper analysis. Your individual horoscope has to match with that Muhurta time. Muhurta is nothing but changing the destiny using FREE WILL. For example if somebody has a destiny of bad career as per the horoscope, then the negative effects can be minimized or neutralised by fixing right auspicious time.

What do you get in this Manual Voice report?

  • Auspicious dates  in a particular month and also an in-depth information on the auspicious time suitable to your birth chart and Ascendant ( Lagna)

Special Benefit:

  • Report will be send through email as Audio recording in Mp3 format

Security & confidentiality:

  • All reports and data will be kept confidential
  • Payment is 100% Secure as we use advanced security features and SSL CERTIFIED.
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