Family Astrology Guidance

This package covers astrology prediction for your entire family which includes 2 adults and 2 children. Family members are connected by Karma and there is a clear interlinking in a horoscope. This covers all areas of life of your family members, be it health, career, business, children’s education, marriage, relationship, finance, property, relationship with others, inheritance and so on. Remedies for individual members of the family will be provided based on the individual horoscope.

What do you get in this Manual Voice report?

  • Complete analysis of horoscope of 4 family members
  • Career & Business predictions of family members
  • Suitable career options will be provided
  • Property, investment and best time to buy /sell your property for each member
  • Family members will also get Finance, Money , debt analysis with suggestions
  • Each family member will get predictions on relationship, romance and marriage
  • Prediction on relationship between family members
  • Health and possible diseases, so that your family can prepare to avoid any trouble
  • Each member will also know the most successful period and RAJA YOGA time
  • Transit analysis of Saturn Transit, Jupiter transit, Rahu Ketu Transit analysis
  • This will guide your family on when to take risk and when to be cautious
    Overseas trips and your possible place to settle down ( motherland or abroad)
  • Spiritual life, the right type of spiritual worship activity that will suit each member
  • Curses and past life Karma assessment and remedies will be suggested
  • Simple & powerful remedies will be provided to overcome any challenges

Special Benefit:

  • Talk to our Astrologer on your report for FREE for 15 minutes within 30 days of receiving
  • Reports will be delivered through email by Audio recording in Mp3 format
  • Each individual horoscope will be provided with 16 divisional charts and Dasa Bukti period

Security & confidentiality:

  • All reports and data will be kept confidential
  • Payment is 100% Secure as we use advanced security features and SSL CERTIFIED



3 to 5 Days



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