Capricorn ( Makara) Moon Sign Yearly Horoscope

You are entering into a new phase in 2020. This new phase will be challenging and can make you lonely and thoughtful and its time to transform. So don’t expect great results in life. Avoid any sort of argument with others. Discipline is the key to success in 2020.


Avoid any kind of speculation or getting into new ventures by investing. During this time, silence can be one of the key solutions. Avoid judging, as that can turn out against you. Don’t rust your relations and some friends can mislead you.


You need to really work hard and keep your focus during this time, as things can be frustrating, as its time for transformation.


Remedies can be charity to poor and old people, charity  to Poor people who cannot afford medical expenses, saving and protecting cows, and worshipping Lord Saturn. Try to make a visit to Thirunallar, in Karaikal ( Pondicherry State, India) and seek the blessings of Lord Saturn.


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