YANTRA – Solution for well being

Everybody wants success, happiness, and well-being in life. To achieve this state, everybody strives to push themselves hard and to achieve this desire they seek support from what is available around us. One of those support systems are called “YANTRA”. If Yantra is translated the closest English meaning, is ” machine”.

What is a Yantra?
To support well being in different aspects of human life our ancient sages have created a supporting devise called Yantra. Suppose you want to achieve something, and you wish to have a support to achieve, then Yantra’s can be helpful.

Example – if somebody is finding it difficult to succeed in his business or career because of competition, and enmity, then if the person worships Mahasudarshana Yantra, can certainly support by protecting the native from various negative events that are likely to be caused by others against the native. The subtle energy and aura improve in the person while worshipping the Yantra and has the capability to block. Mahasudarshana Yantra is connected to Sudarshana Chakra of Maha Vishnu.

What does Yantra contain?
Yantra’s are drawn in Triangles by an experienced writer of Yantra/ There are mantra’s related to that Yantra which are inscribed in it. Usually Yantra’s are written in Gold Silver, Copper or Brass. Each Yantra has certain purpose to achieve and the mantra inscribed in that yantra is for that specific purpose.
Example – Sri Chakra Yantra is worshipped for material prosperity and wealth. The mantras are inscribed to promote the worshipper for wealth and prosperity.

Is there Yantra’s installed in Temples?
Yes, in almost all temples, under the idol, there would be a Yantra installed during the Prana Pratishta ceremony. It is told that Sri Adi Sankaracharya had installed Sri Chakra Yantra in the Tirupati Balaji Temple, Thirumala, which is generally known for bringing prosperity for the devotee’s who visit this temple and had the blessings.
Example – In certain temples the deity is worshipped for prosperity, and in certain temple the deity is worshipped for health. Like this each temple has certain significance for visiting and praying because these temples were constructed to support mankind in overcoming a specific problem in the mundane life. In each of these temples you may find that Yantra’s that is installed will result in supporting the worshipper in supporting to overcome the specific problems of the individual.

Few Yantra’s and their benefits
1. Sri Yantra – To support you in achieving the desire of prosperity and wealth.
2. Maha Sudarshana Yantra – There is a difference between Sudarshana Yantra and Maha Sudarshana Yantra, even though both are for similar purpose. The purpose is to help you overcome negative energy and win
3. Swayamvara Parvathi Yantra – To support in relationship. This Yantra has the power to remove or reduce the blocks related to finding a suitable relationship and marriage.
4. Lakshmi Yantra – Support in Money flow and attracting wealth

How to worship Yantra at home?
The worshipping of Yantra’s is simple with just few rules, such as,

1. Keep the Yantra in a neat place were impurities are not there
2. Keep a glass frame for the Yantra, so that it is protected
3. Light a lamp preferably with Ghee and place it near the Yantra
4. While worshipping a Yantra ensure body and mind is clean
5. Face North East direction, while praying
6. If Mantra’s are given along with the Yantra do chant them slowly and worship
7. Make sure that Yantra is not damaged or broken
8. If the Yantra is damaged, do not worship that yantra, as it can result negatively
9. Avoid keeping more then 2 Yantra’s for worship in a single place.

How to select a suitable Yantra?
• It is advisable to select a Yantra based on the weak areas of horoscope or based on the support you require to fulfil certain desire.
• The Yantra’s must be written by an expert, who has traditional knowledge. While writing the Yantra this expert will maintain celibacy and purity as a part of the process for 21 days or 41 days, and a special prayer is made for the person who had ordered the Yantra.
• These days Yantra’s are manufactured using machines and sold as commodity, which may not help the individual at large, and later blaming on Sastra’s for not achieving any results.

We at ASTROSRI support our customers with authentic framed Yantra’s, based on “made to order” from expert Yantra writer, by following rituals related to writing of Yantra.

Please order Yantra’s only if you can follow the worship steps mentioned in this article.
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