World Crisis – Astrology Review


Sani ( Saturn) is the planet which disciplines you by imposing restriction which is related with business life in general, financial conditions and economy, and by this the spending is reduced which leads to recession. This is also known as Keynesian economics.

Now, what does Sani signify in Jyotisha Sastra (Astrology)?

In Mundane Astrology Sani signifies, Oil, Land ( territory), mines, old age, disease, farm land, Democracy, restrictions, recession, depression, fear, Low exports, drop in foreign exchange, Dark Coloured person, Africa, underground, rebellion, Western side, Labour Loss of employment, Blue collar employee, death, death of rulers etc…

From 25th Jan 2020, Sani had entered the Zodiac of Capricorn, and from then on, we all know how did the world sail through, and the sectors mentioned above will certainly have a negative impact. Example –  Oil prices crashed, Many started losing jobs, disease such as Covid19 troubled the world, foreign exchange suffered, and we witnessed how migrant labour suffered, restrictions and lockdown.

What is left to experience is Dark skinned people in trouble, western side in trouble, rebellion, territory issues, death of rulers and of-course Food crisis.

The worst period is when Sani is Retrograde in motion, which is from May 10th, 2020 to September 29th 2020. However, the end of all the above crisis is not earlier then 2022, when Saturn transits to Aquarius.

Which Industry suffers worst?

Almost all industry can struggle, however travel, shipping, Nursing, international trade can be the worst affected, because Sani in Capricorn aspects Cancer, Pisces and Libra signs, of which Cancer and Pisces are watery signs, which means shipping, overseas trade can have severe setback, and in terms of people loosing jobs.  Now, Libra is an airy sign which also signifies air lines, travel, Malls, overall trade, entertainment, Matrimony, and cinema halls.

Rahu & Food Crisis 2021

Another malefic planet will move to Taurus around September 2020, and Taurus being an earthly sign, signifies that there can be trouble in crops and because of it, there can be food crisis all over the world. So, 2021, can signify food crisis.


Even though the going is more tough, there is always opportunity if individual horoscope has good times ahead, so understanding your life path and keeping up with future is in your hands.