Who can settle in Foreign Countries?

Who can Settle in Foreign Countries?

People who has Videsha Yoga ( going abroad) strong in their horoscope will get an opportunity to settle in foreign countries. Many people become successful in their life after going abroad, however many also regret going abroad. This is because the “Atma (Soul)” related planet did not approve going abroad.

Overseas visits can be broadly classified into,

  1. People who will reside abroad for a long time
  2. People who reside overseas for specific work/Studying but will return to home country
  3. People who are visitors abroad and stay there for few months and return

The key planets that give an opportunity abroad are Rahu, Ketu, Saturn ( Sani) and Mars ( Mangal), and having of these planets as the “Soul Planet” in your horoscope chart will give a person to go abroad. The placement of the above planets must be in Kendra to Navamsa Lagna.

Some people go abroad, but are forced to return due to Visa issues. This is because the “ Soul Planet” of the birth chart horoscope has not approved going abroad.

Lagna ( ascendant) lord’s connection with the 12th house of Birth horoscope chart will also determine the chances of going overseas.

Success abroad or home country,

Some people are more successful in the home country then going abroad. This can be analysed from the Badhaka Planet. If Badhaka planet relates to the 12th house of a horoscope, the success overseas is guaranteed. The successful countries or continents abroad can be seen from the horoscope were the planets are in strength by exaltation, own house and also Dik Bala.

Example, If in a horoscope Sun is strong, then success comes from visiting Asian Countries. Similarly, if Mercury is strong then success comes from visiting North America. Saturn is for Africa and Venus for Australia, New Zealand.

Some may go abroad not with their own efforts , but because they got married to someone who is working abroad is seen from Venus and 7th house and its connection with 12th house of the horoscope.

Similarly someone who goes to study abroad must be seen from 12th house and Mercury and 4th house of the birth horoscope Rasi chart. For higher studies the 9th house must have 12th house connection.

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