Vedic Astrology Secret – 1 Nakshatra Gandanta – Aslesha, Magha, Jyeshta, Moola

Introduction to Nakshatra (Star)

The zodiac consists of 12 houses and 27 stars. All stars give out radiations. In this article you will know about the Vedic Astrology Secret The moon comes into contact with these radiations emitted by the stars. For each 13 deg and 20 min traverse of the elliptical arc around the earth.

The Nakshtra’s are,

Aswini , Bharani , Krittika , Rohini , Mrigasira , Aridra , Punarvasu , Pushya , Aslesha , Makha , Pooram  Uttara ,Hasta ,Chitta , Swati , Visakha , Anuradha , Jyeshta , Moola , Poorvashadha , Uttarashadha , Sravana , Dhanishta , Satabhisha , Poorvabhadra , Uttarabhadra and Revati


What is Gandanta?

Gandanta is a Sanskrit term which mentions a point wherein a specific type of results occur when the Moon is placed on that specific point of the horoscope chart during the birth of a child.

The details about Gandhanta in the Vedic Astrology Secret is mentioned in Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra ( BPHS) in chapter 92 of the translated version. This text is supposed to be the bible of Astrology written by Maharishi Parasara (Father of Maharishi Veda Vyasa)


Which are the Nakshatra’s (birth stars) falls under Gandanta? The Vedic Astrology Secret

If Moon is placed in your horoscope in the following points, then there is a Gandanta and a remedy needs to be done. Below is the list of points, where Gandanta occurs. Which tells about the Vedic Astrology Secret If we observe closely it clearly shows that Gandanta occurs between watery signs and Fire signs.

Last 2 Ghatikas of Revathi Nakshatra ( Pisces)

First 2 Ghatikas of Ashwini Nakshatra ( Aries )

Last 2 Ghatikas of Aslesha Nakshatra ( Ayilyam) ( Scorpio)

First 2 Ghatikas of Moola Nakshatra


Note – 1 Ghatika is approximately 24 minutes


Is there any Worse combination in Gandanta?

Among the Gandantas the last 6 Ghatikas of Jyeshta and 8 Ghatikas of Moola is considered extremely inauspicious and is also known as ABUKTA MOOLA. This is a combination is not good and gives extreme difficulties in life and inauspicious.

Note – 1 Ghatika is approximately 24 minutes


A child born during Abukta Moola should either be abandoned or the father should not see the face of the child for 8 years. However, there are remedial measures as well prescribed by Maharishi.


What happens if someone is born in these GANDANTA points?

As per the dictum, Maharishi says that,

A Girl born in Jyeshta Nakshatra destroys the elder brother of her husband. If Husband has no elder brothers then there is No effect.

A Girl Born in the 4th quarter of Vishaka Nakshatra destroys the husband’s younger brother

A boy or girl born in 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarter of Aslesha( Ayilyam) nakshatra destroys his/her Mother in law.

Boy or a Girl born in 1st, 2nd or 3rd of Moola Nakshatra become the destroyer of Father in Law.

Remedy: Donating a cow before Marriage.


The remedy of Gandanta birth :

There are ritualistic remedies prescribed by Maharishi for overcoming the negative effects of  Gandanta dosha.

Suppose somebody is unable to perform those remedies mentioned, in the text, the person can also give cow as a charity.

3 cows to be given as charity in the case of Jyeshta -Moola Gandanta and Aslesha- Maga Gandanta

2 cows for Revathy- Aswini Gandanta