Solar Eclipse – What it means to you?

As India will witness Solar Eclipse on 21st June 2020, between 9.15 AM to 2.00 PM, however the timings changes in different locations slightly. The peak eclipse if between 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM.

Astronomically Solar eclipse happens when Moon comes in between Sun and Earth.

Astrologically Solar eclipses are generally not good for rulers, kings and government. However, it’s the best time to perform meditation and chanting mantra, as it is said in  scriptures that chanting mantra increases the number by many times.

 For example, if you chant a mantra for 108 times during eclipse, you may get the benefit of chanting of 1008 times.

Who can be impacted by this Solar Eclipse?

As this eclipse happens in Gemini ( Mithuna), the impact can be to people from entertainment industry, Cinema, famous woman, Rulers or people in leadership roles and people around NCR region. As it is in an Airy sign and Jeeva Rasi there can be impact on Airlines, and in general humans and animals are impacted.

The effects of Solar eclipse happen within 4 months from the date of Eclipse

Which Nakshatra does this Solar eclipse happen?

This Solar Eclipse happens in Mrigashira (Makirya) Nakshatra of Mithuna Rasi. So those born in Mrigashira Nakshatra needs to perform a remedy such as Rudra Abhisheka to Lord Shiva, after the eclipse or before the eclipse. When we say those who are born in Mrigashira Nakshatra means, all those who have their individual horoscope, Moon (Chandra), Lagna and Surya ( Sun) in Mrigashira Nakshtra, can have some effect of this solar eclipse.

What should you NOT do during Solar eclipse?

Avoid eating or drinking during eclipse, because it troubles your digestive system, as during Eclipse, the agni or fire to digest reduces as the Sun – giver of agni is impacted. So keeping stomach empty during eclipse is advised. Avoid any materialistic activity and do not take any major decisions during eclipse.

What should you do during Solar Eclipse?

At your home, light ghee lamp and sit down by facing North East direction and chant any mantra that was given to you. In case you don’t have any Mantra, you can worship a form of Shiva called DAKSHINAMURTHY by chanting the Mantra of Dakshinamurthy. The picture of Dakshinamurthy is the featured image of this article.  This is also best time for meditation.


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