Solar Eclipse – December 26th 2019

Have been coming across various videos, writings and messages spreading across Social media, creating a fear of Solar Eclipse that is to take place on 26th December 2019.

Eclipses, happen every year at least twice, and there is nothing to be fearful about, it except that the appropriate remedies to be done on the Birth Star or Lagna on which the Eclipse is taking place. This time the Solar Eclipse on 26th December 2019, will be happening in MOOLA Star, of Sagittarius ( Dhanu) Zodiac sign, and Moola Star is owned by the Planet Ketu.

So why is this Solar Eclipse so special?

During this Solar Eclipse there are around 6 Planets placed on Sagittarius sign, where the Eclipse is happening, which makes it special. This is a rare combination no doubt, but nothing to fear as such.

In the year 2019, we had almost witnessed around 4 Eclipses of which 2 Solar and 2 Lunar, so Eclipse is a natural phenomena.

What actually happens during the Solar Eclipse?

Solar Eclipse is the phenomenon which occurs when the Moon moves in between the Sun and the Earth. It takes place during the New Moon Phase.

For a normal living being, it is harmful to see the Solar eclipse, as the rays can damage the eyes, if seen directly.

The Sun is the source of electromagnetic energy that is essential for all living beings, and during Solar Eclipse, this energy is cut of, and because of that the dark energies become more active and can contaminate the atmosphere, so that is the reason, why no new undertakings are advised during this period.

Astrology & Eclipse

During Solar Eclipse it is found that there are few challenges for Kings, Rulers and Monarchy after the Solar Eclipse, as Sun represents the government and the rulers. Also as the Eclipse is falling in Sagittarius sign, the Religious leaders and organisations will face challenge.

Also due to gravity of the eclipse, there can be disturbances in Earth’s tectonic plates and can cause Earth quakes of higher density at Earth Quake prone areas.

As this Solar Eclipse is happening in the 6th & 8th house, of India’s chart, it is not a very good sign, as there can be aggression from neighbouring countries, and civil unrest etc…

The areas that Solar Eclipse can affect are South Eastern countries and West of India.

Gold prices may fall

The climate can be extreme, for example the Winter cold can be more severe than ever before.

Remedies during Solar Eclipse:
• Solar Eclipse can have subtle affect on the Mind and Physical health, so better to Fast during the eclipse. As the undigested food turns out to be toxic and cause health problems, during Eclipse.
• Chant your favourite Mantra during the time of Eclipse and you will be surprised to see the energy levels of the Mantra working in favour for you. This is because the positive effect of chanting will only save your Electro Magnetic energy from losing during Eclipse.
• Those who don’t know any Mantra, chant the name of god during the Eclipse time.
• Avoid any activity that looses energy, which also includes sex. The logic is that by eclipse everybody tends to loose out energy, so avoid loosing more energy by certain activities.
• Traditionally DHARBA GRASS is kept in food and water during Eclipse, and this is because this Dharba grass has high electric energy, and can prevent in loosing electric energy during Solar eclipse.
• It is also advised to put some TULSI Plant leaves in the food and water, so that the subtle energy of the food is not affected during eclipse.
• Pregnant ladies are advised not to venture outside during eclipse, as the rays during eclipse may have negative effect on the child, due to the change of energy during eclipse.
• Those who are born in Sagittarius Rasi ( Dhanu), can perform RUDRA ABISHEGAM in Shiva temple.

Bottom line, is that any Eclipse is not a good sign, however nothing much for any individual to worry about, and as usual Prayers and Charity will work best during any time.