Secret of Accurate Prediction in Vedic Astrology

The key Secret to accurate prediction in Vedic Astrology is to Analyse each chart in detail. Generally we see the Astrologers only referring RASI and NAVAMSA ( D9) chart and predicting along with Transits. To make it more accurate , the following divisional charts needs to be analysed in detail to understand the exact event and timing.

Example Horoscope 1– For a Native, 5th house of the horoscope which is related to progency, may be in good position  in Rasi chart. But in SAPTAMSA chart, the position of 5th house and 5th lord may be afflicted and not well placed, which can result in challenges and difficulties in Child birth.

Below are the detailed charts that needs to be examined in a horoscope before making predictions about a chart,

Sl. No Divisional Chart What to analyse?
1 Rasi Physical features of the body, intelligence and general health
2 Navamsa Relationship and lift partner. Also Luck can be studied, Special Skills and talents.
3 Hora Wealth and finance
4 Drekanna Relationship with Brothers and Sisters
5 Chaturamsa Fortune of Vehicles and Fixed Assets
6 Saptamsa Children and Progeny
7 Dasamsa Career. Can also analyse if Business or Service is suitable. Fame &Honor
8 Dwadasamsa Parents and their relationship with us.
9 Shodasamsa About general comforts of life
10 Vimsamsa Spiritual Life
11 Chaturvimsamsa Education and type of courses that would be of interest
12 Bhamsa Strength and weakness
13 Trimsamsa The evil effects that one may face in life
14 KHavedamsa Auspicious and inauspicious effects
15 Shashtiamsa Very important chart to know the past life of the individual


Example Horoscope 2 – For a Native in his horoscope in Rasi chart, the 10th lord was exalted, which means, this person would have great career. While in reality this person did not have a stable career at all and he had to cross over many obstacles to sustain his career.  His horoscope was analysed in depth and found that in Dasamsa chart, the 10th lord is not well placed and is weak.

So while analysing any horoscope until such detailed study is made, the accurate prediction is not possible.