Salman Khan – What made him a celebrity?

Salman Khan is one of the most popular star in Bollywood.Often known as Bollywood’s “bad boy,” his knack of walking into trouble has overshadowed people’s perception of him as an actor. He has been featured as the bad guy of the industry several times over. But many-a-common-man claims that this macho hunk has a heart made of pure gold.

What made him a Macho Man?

Salman Khan’s Ascendant is Aries, and the zodiac owner of the sign  Aries is Mars. This Mars is placed in Salman Khan’s 10th House of profession with full power ( exalted). This combination gave him Ruchaka Yoga, which is one of the Maha Purusha Yoga’s. ( A separate article has been written in this blog on Maha Purusha Yoga’s). This combination makes a person tough, fighter, adventurist,leader,protector of many,rough,aggressive and at times arrogant, and makes a person famous and great.  Apart from this combination, from his 10th house, Mars aspects his ascendant, which gives a person an inclination to body building.

What made him a  successful Movie star?

Venus, is along with Mars in Salman’s 10th house of profession, which states that he will have profession to do with Art, Movies, dance and in short entertainment. Having an exalted planet ( strong ) in the house of profession in his horoscope made him to the top.

What kind of Movies are best suited?

As Mars is placed in house of profession, the best movies would be a character which has adventure spirit, policeman,Army,Gang leader, fighter and also as Venus is combined, a character with passionate lover would also be successful. If you notice his successful movies you will find such combination of character.

What is in store for Salman Khan?

Salman Khan is unsuccessful when he was passing through Mercury ruling periods. Mercury ruled from the year 2005 to 2008 and the movies he had during that period was, as below.

Kyonki November 2, 2005 13.75 cr Flop
Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya Yaar August 4, 2006 2.5 cr Flop
Jaan-E-Mann October 20, 2006 27 cr Flop
Baabul December 8, 2006 15.75 cr Flop
Salaam-E-Ishq January 25, 2007 22.5 cr Flop
Partner July 20, 2007 61.2 cr hit
Marigold August 17, 2007 1 cr Disaster
Saawariya November 9, 2007 23 cr Flop
God Tussi Great Ho August 15, 2008 13.5 cr Flop
Hello October 10, 2008 12.25 cr Below Average
Heroes October 24, 2008 13.25 cr Flop
Yuvvraaj November 21, 2008 17 cr Disaster

Again when Venus started ruling his time, he started becoming successful. The period of Venus started from 2009 to 2012, and it was during this period, that he started giving super hit movies, such as Wanted, Body Guard,Ready, Ektha Tiger.

How is 2015 for Salman Khan?

2015 will be a successful year for Salman Khan,as Mars, which is his Ascendant lord is ruling this time. This started from 2015 Feb to 2016 March. You will see a lot of block busters during this time. Similar period was there for Salman Khan in 1999, where there were some few hit movies like, hum saath saath Hain.

in 2016, after February, Salman Khan should be extremely careful while selecting movies, as its a challenging time in his career. There can be judicial problems strongly cropping up for Salman during this time.

Why is Salman Khan controversial in the news?

Being an Aries ascendant with strong Mars makes a person aggressive in every step, and at times they dont care. Combination of Mars and Venus makes a person very passionate and dominating. Having Rahu in 2nd and Ketu in 8th house, in also a concern and at times can cause uncontrollable behaviors . As Mercury is the 6th lord of enemies, Debts and diseases, he may have weak nerves and will be concerning, especially from 2021 on-wards.

Whats his future likely to be?

From March 2016 to 2019, things can be slow for Salman Khan, as he may come across problems with judiciary,not much successful movies etc…Health of Family members can be in Danger.He must do certain remedies during this time which can help him overcome challenges.

We wish Salman Khan a very best future !!!