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Online Astrology – Supporting with Knowledge


Online Astrology has picked up from what it was many years back. Online is not just limited to Amazon or FlipkartĀ  but also to receive the right knowledge and guidance through Astrology. People are also visiting astrology websites and connecting with online astrologers to know their post-corona future. The general belief in religion, spirituality, Divinity and astrology is deep rooted in our tradition and will always be a part of daily life. Latest communication technology has helped to reduceĀ  the gap between the consultant and the seeker and only helped the Service of Astrology to reach greater heights.

Most of us are inclined towards astrology in some way or the other, even as a means of entertaining ourselves. Whenever we are in deep problem, people cope up with these challenges in different ways, and one such way is through astrology. Some get a relief in discussing about their horoscope and understanding in detail. Astrology is a belief system based on the concept that life on Earth is influenced by constellations of the stars and planets. Again let me clarify, it is the INFLUENCE of celestial bodies in our life and not CONTROLLING our life. Despite being repeatedly debunked by science, interest in astrology has only increased. It has now migrated to lucrative online platforms.

Learning Astrology

Similarly Astrology learning has also increased. Many years back the knowledge of Astrology was kept as a secret and the knowledge would be transferred only to their family members. This has changed, and there are many courses which are online and offline teaching the secrets of Astrology. Recently we have launched an online beginners course on Vedic Astrology through our academy, called Maharishi Agastya Learning Academy ( MALA), with a website as and the mission for launching this course is to impart true knowledge of Vedic Astrology for all those are interested with a nominal fees.

Live Astrology consultation

When you are busy with your day today work and would want to quickly understand about some part of your life where in you may need to take an important decision, then live online astrology can help you to quickly contact, provide your birth details and seek an advice. This can be of great mental relief and can help you understand the situation better. You don’t need to be physically available while consulting an Astrologer. This is the boon of the latest technology.

Some of the websites also offer free horoscope as a value added service. We at astrosri offers similar service for those who wish to know a little about their life and the free astrology can be accesses through this link

Astrology remedies:

There are many remedies offered for overcoming a problem. However the sad part of the story is that there are many general remedies prescribed and finally no results are seen and the seeker is frustrated. My thought on this is that a seeker who consults an Astrologer requires a solution that is practically workable and must be cost effective. Astrologers should not exploit the seeker in the name of remedy, as this can have very bad negative karma on the Astrologer. A true genuine astrologer is a representative of the divine to guide others and help them overcome their negative karma. Gemstones are another remedy that needs to be carefully handled because many cannot afford Gemstones and even if they buy a gemstone based on the suggestion by an Astrologer it is important to know the gemstone purchased are genuine. The best remedies that works well are Sattvic remedies, such as Pooja, Yajna, Prayers etc, which is prescribed in ancient texts of Rishi’s such as Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra by Parasara Rishi.