Navamsa chart – Secret Code in Astrology & Why is it Important?

Navamsa – The Secret code in Astrology

If you have noticed, there would generally be birth charts for a person which is taken in general for all astrological analysis. One is of-course the Birth chart ( RASI CHART) and the other one is called Navamsa chart. Now this Navamsa chart will actually tell you if your birth chart has enough strength on certain areas of your life.

This Navamsa Chart is prepared along with birth chart and in astrology code language it is called as D9. The reason why this chart is called as D9 is because this chart is prepared by dividing the Birth chart into 9.  Each sign in Birth chart is 30 degrees, so if you divide 30 by 9, you get 3.2 degrees, which is known as AMSA.

In the Birth chart we can find all the information and of course predictions can be made, but then to pinpoint certain events, this Navamsa chart also needs to be well analysed. So Navamsa is a very important chart.

navamsa chart

How does Navamsa work for me?

Secret 1- Suppose in your Birth horoscope, you have Venus ( Sukra) exalted or strong, but in Navamsa chart this same Venus is debilitated. Then the Good effects of Venus is reduced.

Live Example:

For a Business man, who was doing flourishing business for many years came to check his horoscope.

He was Libra ascendant, and had Mercury placed in Scoprio, which is 2nd House. While examining his Navamsa Chart it was found that Mercury is in Pisces sign, which is the debilitation sign of Mercury or in this sign Mercury is powerless.

The Mercury Mahadasa was about to start in 1 years time. While predicting it was warned to him that Mercury will not do any good , so asked this business man to be extra cautious when Mercury Mahadasa starts. Advised him not to invest or venture into any new business as it may turn against him. But his confidence of success over the years made him to ignore this prediction, and this businessman was doing business as usual without taking any precautionary measures.

The result – From the time Mercury Mahadasa started this businessman started losing his business gains, and there was theft, and he had  taken loan with high interest and finally almost lost his position in business and was in full of debt.

Secret 2 – The reason for this fall is because in Navamsa Mercury is debilitated or has no strength, so during the ruling period ( Mahadasa) of Mercury, it because powerless.

Had this businessman took the prediction serious, probably he would have reduced the maximum damage.


Secret 3 Another example is in some charts we find that planets are well placed in Navamsa, which is mostly in its own signs. This means that even if the birth chart is not showing much prosperity, the person would still prosper and sustain well just because of the placement of planets in Navamsa.

Secret 4 – Any planet in the same sign in Birth chart and in Navamsa chart, will add a lot of strength to that planet and during the ruling period of that planet, you can see the person prospering and becoming stronger. The Astrological term for this combination is called as Vargotamma.

There are many more secrets of Navamsa, and while checking any horoscope, Navamsa chart must also be examined for any accurate prediction.

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