Muhurta (Auspicious Time) – Does it Really Work?

What is MUHURTA? ( auspicious time)

Is nothing but the choosing a time for a specific event so as to neutralise and to overcome any difficulties for the success of an event.

In simple terms, Muhurta is a knowledge that tells you to choose a time, so as to avoid failures.

Muhurta is similar to doing a remedy or correcting to make things successful. This is mostly applicable to materialistic events for self.


Horoscope vs  Muhurta – What is the difference?

Horoscope is nothing but the chart of planetary positions at the time of birth based on the Karma of previous lives. It is what we had brought in to this birth to experience.

In case Horoscope has some bad planetary combination, for a specific event, then by choosing a correct Muhurta the maximum evil effect can be reduced or neutralised.


  1. Career – If a horoscope of a person shows destiny to have poor career or job because his 10th house or lord of 10th house of Karma is afflicted, then he can choose right Muhurta when he joins a new job, or whenever he takes new assignments, he can choose right Muhurta and neutralise the negative effect of his horoscope.
  2. Marriage – Suppose an individual is likely to have bad married life as per his horoscope, because of his past births. Then in that case, the individual can minimise the negative impact, by astrologically matching and choosing right life partner, and also choosing a proper time as Muhurta for getting married. Then choose auspicious time to enter the house after marriage. This neutralises the maximum damage that can happen.


Tips on choosing Muhurta

  • Days – Avoid Tuesdays and Saturdays for conducting any auspicious events
  • Thithi – Avoid the Thithi’s of Chaturthi ( 4th), Ashtami(8th) and Chturdasi (14th) for auspicious events. However these Thithi’s are good for other activities. Example– Ashtami ( 8th) is good for taking new medicine.
  • Chandra Bala – Strength of Moon on the day of the event vs the placement of Moon of your horoscope chart. We have noticed many failures happen, when a work is undertaken during CHANDRASHTAMA days. ( when moon transits to the 8th house from where the Moon is placed in the horoscope)
  • Tara Bala – Strength of your individual Birth star and the star of the day of an event. There are certain stars counted from your Birth star( janma Nakshatra), which is not suitable. So that need sto be checked.
  • Time – Avoid Rahu Kaal, Yamakanda Kaal
  • Hora – Choose correct Hora in a day for a specific activity. For example- Prayers, yoga, Mantra chanting gives best results if practised during Jupiter Hora of the day.


Events and Choosing the right Muhurta

While choosing the right star for an event is very important. However Most important is that if that star ( constellation), is matching your horoscope.

Some examples are as below

  • Construction of house/Starting a permanent event – Suitable Stars are Rohini, Uttara, Uttarashada, Uttarabadra ( Uttaratathi). Thithi can be 2nd, 3rd,5th,7th,11th,13th,15th Days can be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. From the chosen Lagna ( ascendant), the 8th house should be empty.
  • Similarly correct Muhurta can be chosen for performing both good and bad events. For Bad events such as causing separation, hurting others etc can also be determined through choosing correct Muhurta. For example Stars such as Jyeshta, Moola, Aslesha,Thuruvadira are the right stars for doing any evil deeds.
  • Choosing CORRECT lagna for a activity is VERY CRITICAL. Example : For marriage Muhurta, always avoid 8th Lagna from the Lagna of bride and bridegroom, and also to ensure that Mars or Venus is not placed in 6th, 8th houses from Lagna. 8th house must be empty.


Example – A Person wanted to do Pooja and take out a new 4 wheeler vehicle which he purchased from a showroom. He had approached for a Muhurta. The question asked to him was, if he wanted to maximise his best use of this vehicle or does he want to occasionally use the vehicle. He answered that he wants to make best use of his vehicle by maximum running. So a Muhurta was chosen accordingly, and came to know that he is on an average completing around 30000 kms in a year.


In a separate incident, another person approached for similar requirement, but he did not choose the Muhurta set for him to do pooja and take his vehicle, because of some last minute changes made by him. The muhurta when he took, was on a fixed star and the outcome is that his vehicle did not run maximum kilometres, and his travel plans are mostly in such a way that this vehicle is not used much.


Summary :

  • Muhurta works. However consult with a competent astrologer for correct Muhurta for an event.
  • Above examples are only to show case the incidents and share some knowledge about Muhurta.
  • Many people do not choose any Muhurta , but still things are successful, because this person would have Good Karma as per his horoscope for that event to be successful.
  • So it is our choice if we should use our FREE WILL and choose correct Muhurta for an event or leave the choice to destiny to speculate.
  • For doing Dharma, helping others without expectations, which benefits all the people and selfless actions, there is no need to check Muhurta. You can do it at anytime.


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