Marriage Matching – Part 2 ( Mangal dosha)

Dear Readers,

You must have gone through the PART 1 of the marriage matching guide. The 12 Agreemments / Kuta ( Porutham’s) are  1.  Dina, 2. Gana, 3 Mahendra, 4 Stree-Deergha, 5 Yoni, 6 Rasi, 7 Rasyadhipathi, 8 Vasya, 9 Rajju, 10 Vedha, 11 Varna, and 12 Nadi. Few of the above are answered in Part 1, with examples.

In this 2nd part more emphasize would be on the topic of Mangal/ Chovva/Kuja Dosham. We hear very frequently the word Mangalik ( in North India) and in South they call it as Chovva/Sevvai/Kuja Dosham. So for a common communication purpose, let us call it as Mangal Dosha. Mangal Dosha occurs in a horoscope if planet Mars is located in 1st,2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th & 12th house from Ascendant ( Lagna) &  Moon  in a horoscope.However Ascendant is considered as most important.

Why Mars?

Mars is the 2nd smallest planet in our Solar system, and is named after the Roman god of war and the color of the planet is Red.Even in Indian mythology Mars is supposed to be the protector of Devas by being their General. Planet Mars is known for masculine, tough, angry and professions connected with Police, Army, Surgeon and all the fields that require a bit of aggression and high energy. Electrical engineering is also related to Mars.Mars is associated with the Fire element of the Pancha bhoota. The energy of Mars is destructive and explosive at times. Mars is also related to bone marrow and Red blood cells.The negative effect of Mars would be  restlessness and blood pressure problems. So when Mars is placed in certain Zodiac signs in the horoscope, it causes certain disharmony in marriage life by one of the partner being more aggressive than the other in various areas of life.This can lead to misunderstanding.

There is a general belief that Mangal Dosha can cause death to the life partner etc.. and this has taken away peace of mind of many people. This is not true.Many become victims to fake Astrologers who make money  through remedies by creating fear to their customers. So here i wish to give a general understand of the Mangal Dosha and its real effects.

What is the logic of  Mangal Dosha ? if Mars is located  in each of these house ( 1st,2nd,12th,7th,8th,12th from Lagna?

The 2nd House house signifies family & speech. Mars located in 2nd house shows the person has fiery speech and become aggressive towards family members.This can create a disharmony. Here Mars makes a person to be blunt in his/her speech.

The 12th House represents comforts and pleasures of bed, and Mars being in 12th house may at times disturb the areas of pleasure by being excess sexual desire.

The 4th house rules Happiness. So Mars being a fiery planet in the house of happiness can take away the peace of Mind which in turn will end up in clashes between the partners.

The 7th House indicates husband and 8th house represents longevity of the wife or husband. Hence the position of Mars in these houses is supposed to produce this peculiar dosham or evil. If Kuja Dosham obtains in the horoscopes of both the bride and bridegroom, the dosham gets cancelled.

Mangal Dosham is a factor whose occurrence should not be ignored, there are antidotes which are not generally known to an average Astrologer, rather only an Astrologer who had done extensive research would know.

How to overcome Mangal Dosha?

The best way to overcome Mangal Dosha is to marry some one who has similar Dosha. This is the best antidote. Also if there is other factors in horoscope can be a remedy. The other factors must be carefully examined by competent Astrologer. In general if the Poorva Punya ( Merits of your past births) are excellent in the horoscope of Boy or Girl, then the effect of Mangal dosha is largely reduced. That is why you may come across people are married and settled well in spite of Mangal Dosha.However in such case it must be examined in detail to find out the degree of effect mangal dosha can cause.

How does Mangal Dosha Affect you?

From our research ,Mangal dosha at times causes problems in married life if not matched well, this is especially if Mars is in 7th or 8th house in a horoscope.

Similarly there are many horoscopes analysed where in one of them has Mangal Dosha and the other does not have. So as per the dictum this horoscope must not be matched. However it was found that they are happy with each other in spite of Non matching of Mangalik Dosha.. When we DEEPLY examined the horoscope, it was found that the Poorva Punya ( merits of past deeds) which is represented by 5th & 9th house in a horoscope saved them from major calamities. However Mangal dosha did not leave them completely, and the husband was getting frequently transferred and could not fully settle down with his wife together in a place.