Science of Karma

Karma – Why we suffer?

Karma – Why we suffer?

Have you wondered why bad things happen to good people? Why we suffer? Why some days are awesome and others bad?  Why some is enjoying while other suffer? The next question is,If God exists, why does He keep quiet about it? The answer to all the above questions is karma.

Science of Karma

Karma is one of those topics that many people know about, but few understand the details.

Karma Means –  “activity” and the law of karma regulates the reactions to our activities. 

-If we act in good, or pious ways, we reap good reactions. 

-If we act in impious, sinful, or destructive ways, we reap bad reactions in the future.

–  Christianity explains, “As you sow so ye shall ye reap” while in physics karma is expressed by Newton’s Law, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Effects of Karma on us

-Karmic reactions include not only things that happen to us, but determine our health, wealth, intelligence, physical appearance, and social status, as well as our personalities and inclinations. 

– While we have some freedom to choose our current actions, our choices are influenced by our natures, personalities, which we have developed from our previous actions of Past Karma. But you can still correct it.

– So to modify our current actions is where the role of all spiritual rituals, remedies are important, so that the past effects are reduced and at least we control future actions.

How do you identify your Karma of Past life?

  • Karma of Past life is interpreted from the Horoscope chart
  • The basic Horoscope chart clearly shows the possible good and bad karma performed in past life. 
  • Example – Mars badly placed can show the negative karma done to Brothers, and because of that in this life you suffer from Land and Property disputed and struggles.
  • Example – Venus with Malefic planets or badly placed shows the poor relationship Karma maintained in past birth and in this birth our relationships will be strained.

How to overcome Karma?

— So as a first step is to analyse your horoscope indepth to understand where you Life’s direction is. And what are the possible challenges and fruits you would come across. This can be found by deep analysis of horoscope

– Based on that appropriate steps to nullify the negative effects and to improve your positive karma must be planned and after positive karma is performed by worship and Dharma, the Soul slowly progresses towards purity and then starts working towards enlightenment.

Do remember As long as we accept a material body we can not avoid the miseries of disease, old age, and death. As long as we are in this cycle, we will experience both happiness and distress. Even if we act in a pious way, we destine ourselves to accept another material body at death to enjoy the reactions to our materially good actions.