Karma Astrology – What did you do in Past life?

Is Karma removal 1st Step to success?

We hear everywhere the buzz word “KARMA”.  Karma is nothing but your actions. Whenever we see someone suffering we generally tend to believe that the suffering of that person is due to his actions or Karma or the past. This is also worded differently as Fate. Similarly when we see a successful person we believe he is lucky and this also is due to his good Karma or good actions of the past.

Whenever good results come up, we generally dont go in depth of analysis, as long as everything is fine.

However when we go through suffering, struggles, obstacles, difficulties, delays etc  is when we tend to analyse on what is going wrong and wanted to correct the same so as to be successful and fulfill our wishes.

Most of the common sufferings are, problem with the job, not getting married on time, delayed child birth, enemies, diseases, lack of sleep, financial crisis, debt, relationship issues, fear, lack of luck, bad relationship with family etc etc. This is exactly Astrology can help you.

Astrology may guide you to overcome any of your problem through remedies.

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We have many people who are not able to do remedies? This is because of the lack of 100% faith and belief.

The first step to it is overcoming illusion ( MAYA). As long as you are caught up in this world thinking that the materialistic life is alpha and omega, then you have not overcome illusion, which results in lack of faith.

The right approach is to believe that this world is only momentary ( which is a fact) , we all have come here to learn, develop us and others, and also that there is some power above all of us. With this approach, when a remedy is done, the obstacles will start going away.

The Karma can be interpreted from the horoscope basically by analyzing all planets however  Rahu, Ketu denotes very strong Karma.

For Example, If Rahu is in close degrees with Venus, the prediction can be that this person has a karma of cheating woman in past life, and due to which this person would suffer from woman.

There was someone, who had come to see horoscope, with similar combination ( Rahu Venus in close degree), and this person had to face harassment against him, for no mistake of his. So remedy to rectify this Karma needs to be prescribed.

The remedy need not just be priestly rituals alone, rather it can be anything that does good for those whom were affected negatively by bad karma of past birth. In this case, the karma can be rectified by respecting woman, and making them happy, helping a poor girl to get married etc… We have seen these remedies work 100% when tested