How to Remove PitruDosha ?

What is PitruDosha

Pitra Dosh refers to the set of misfortunes resulting in people’s lives due to the curse given by the departed ancestors. Pitru dosh can bring about several crisis situations in the family and cause severe restlessness

Effects of PitruDosha

Sometimes we face back to back problems and despite best efforts there is no Solution. So much so that the entire family has a dark cloud over it where all members are suffering.

This suffering could include problems such as marital disharmony, addictions, miscarriages, feuds within family members and financial problems.

We keep motivating ourselves and try to overcome them but we are kept at bay because the root of such problems lies in the spiritual dimension.

These problems are caused by our deceased ancestors. Such ancestral problems are levied to us descendants so that we take notice and help them in their afterlife.

How do you identify PitruDosha?

PitruDosha can be identified from Birth Horoscope from the position of planets such as Rahu-Ketu, Sun and Saturn. This is visible in horoscope as in the past life such native may have bad debts to Ancestors and even in this life the same tendency may happen. Same time not all combination of Rahu-Ketu, Sun, Saturn are termed as PitruDosha. SO analyse the horoscope in detail can help you find the degree of effect due to PitruDosha.


General Remedies for PitruDosha

Charity to poor and needy

Lighting Ghee Lamp Regularly to KaalBairav

Taking care and protecting animals and providing food for them

Protecting Cows and doing charity activities for saving cows

Visiting JyotirLinga places such as Rameswaram monthly once and performing rituals for ancestors and feeding the poor

Performing ThilaYaga in Rameswaram with at least 2000 Mantra Japa.