Pinpoint a Career using Astrology?

Reading CAREER and Profession from Horoscope

Generally career is seen from 10th house from Lagna (ascendant), in Rasi chart, however there are more to it.

1.      10th from Rasi Lagna will only show, how the work is being done. Example if you have Agni planets such as Ketu, Sun or Mars in 10th house from Lagna such people will complete their job the moment they are assigned. They don’t waste time and belong to the best category.


2.      10th from Moon in Rasi chart will show the kind of job that a person is passionate about. So checking the passionate profession and making a career out of it will help a stress free career. Example somebody has Jupiter associated may seek a teaching profession.


3.      10th from Jupiter will show the career that a person would be successful with.


4.      10th from Saturn ( Sani), will show a career that a person would face challenge with. The house and the planets ( Karaka) associated with 10th from Saturn in Rasi chart can give tough times in those jobs associated with that Karaka.


5.      Karana Lord will also show an indication about the type of career that a person would get help from.


6.      Dasamsa ( D10) chart will show the exact nature of work that a person will do. Own business or working under someone – which suits you. Type of job that will get you into trouble. Office politics. Relationship with Boss, relationship with subordinates.


7.      Navamsa ( D9) chart shows the talents a person has. The trines of Navamsa Lagna can indicate the type of hidden talent a person has and if that person can merge those talents into profession then they would yield best results.


So, analyzing a career or career guidance must be done from various angles using Astrology principles what the ancient Rishi’s taught.

This is very usefull for Career counselling