How Lucky are you? Case study of BILL GATES

How lucky are you?

Tradition teaches when you look into the horoscope, the first glance must be on the “Bagya Sthana”, which is called as the location of luck in a horoscope. This luck factor in a horoscope is seen from 9th house and Navamsa Chart. If the luck factor in a horoscope is reasonably good, then more over the person would tide over the crisis in their life even though the other areas of horoscope are weak. There are many example charts that we had analysed to prove the support of this theory.

Why is 9th house or Bagya Sthana weak for many individuals?

Bagya Sthana or 9th house is also house of Dharma. Thus the charitable nature and the kind of mind to give away is also part of Dharma. If a person would have shared their wealth to others who needed it badly, would have strong 9th house in their next life, which means such person will be gifted with luck. So sharing your wealth for poor and needy will strengthen your Bagya Sthana.

The 9th house of luck shows the merits and de-merits of immediate past life and the placement of planets in 9th house can change the way things are going about, in terms of luck. If a planet like Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn in 9th house, then there can be some challenges in your luck, unless these planets are well placed and strong. Planets like Jupiter, Moon and Venus are supposed to be giving good results in the 9th house, and Moon in 9th makes a person highly compassionate and charitable.

Whenever Saturn is associated with 9th house, such people will have an intention to solve others problems and sorrows. Such people will probably give many of their wealth for social causes. As the Natural age of Saturn is 36 years, so such people start many charity activities after 36 years of their life. Similarly we would need to analyse each planet and their natural age to understand when the luck would start for each individual.

For Planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn ( Sani), Mars ( Mangal), there needs to be appropriate remedies that should be prescribed to reduce negative effects of these planets in the Bagya Sthana- House of Luck.

Below is a case-study of Bill Gates.

Bill Gates, is Gemini Lagna, and 9th from Gemini is Aquarius lorded by Rahu and Saturn. However as Saturn is exalted in his horoscope, we see that Saturn activating the 9th house of Luck.

Bill Gates – His 9th lord Strong and Exalted made him lucky and Bill Gates consolidated his Charities around the year 1994, under the name William H Gates Charitable foundation. As mentioned in the article that Saturn associated with 9th house, will have intention to support and help others, and after 36 years.

Wishing you a Good Luck