Career for your personality

How Astrology is helpful in choosing your CAREER?

Knowing a Specific career from a Horoscope chart is one of those easiest and the difficult one, as there are new types of careers that are coming up day by day. So a Jyotisha( Astrologer), must be updated and well versed in the latest types of careers, and that would fit in to individual.

Before identifying suitable career, it is important to know if the education that the individual person studied will match with the career that she or he chooses. So 9th house, 4th house must be connected to the 10th house of Karma or career, for a person to choose a career that she or he had studied. Example– if you had studies Mechanical engineering and end up in a Bank, then the education and Career is not matching.


Quick way to check suitable career

Before going through entire horoscope, the suitable career can be found from the KARANA lord, of the individual. KARANA is one of the Panchangas( 5 Limbs), and it is calculated in Astrology as Half of Tithi. There are 11 KARANAS and each of the Karana’s are associated with the planets.

Below are Karana Lord, and the careers that are suitable for an individual,

Mars – Produces Engineers, Police, Military

Venus – Business and careers related to beauty and fashion

Mercury – Careers related to Language skills, Education, teaching, trading for profits

Moon – Food, Liquids, Clothes

Sun – Politics and Administration

Saturn – Careers related with people, Labourers


Job Satisfaction

Generally Job Satisfaction happens only if you choose a profession that matches with your Karana lord, else it can be that a person would have chosen a job but not passionate about it.

In The horoscope, check the planet placed and the sign which is 10th from the Moon, and that planet and sign has a say on the career you choose.


 Business or Job – How to choose?

This is most crucial and many make mistakes in this choice. These days we come across many consulting us stating that they had began a START-UP of business, but did not turn out successful in spite of Hard work.  This is because almost all who had consulted did not know, if they would be Successful in job, Self employment or Business.

For identifying, Business or Job, Dasamsa( D10), chart needs to be analysed in depth. The planets in 10th, 7th and 6th along with Mercury and Saturn will confirm on what best suites a person.

Especially if someone comes to consult for business, we understand the type of business the person is getting into and will check atleast 3 years of Good and beneficial period in the horscope, for the person, considering that Return on Investment ( ROI),  which may take at least 3 years.


Navamsa( D9) and Career – Special Skills

Navamsa will also give a clear indication on the skills of the Native, and within a career, what kind of activities that would best suit a person.

Example – Venus in Trines ( 1st, 5th, 9th houses), from Lagna, in Navamsa, then a person may be interested in Beauty and will get into details of everything, so when you assign a job to such person, who has these combination, will analyse in detail before concluding and tend to present in a beautiful manner.

Also Kendra houses, 1,4,7,10 from Lagna of Navamsa will give a clue on Nature of the work, from the chosen career.


Sade Sati ( 7 1/2 Saturn) and career

It is true that there can be challenges in over all life during the time of Sade Sati, however it is not necessary that Career will fall during sade Sati period.

Examples – Sri Narendra Modi became Prime Minister, during the time of Sade Sati, and Indira Gandhi too became Prime Minister during such periods. Have noticed in many horoscopes that Sade Sati, had made the work tedious and busy, provided the Individual horoscope supports the period with string Ruling period ( Dasa and AntarDasa).