About Ayushya Homam, Specialty, Significance, Benefits

What is AyushHomam?

AyushHoma is a fire ritual performed to increase the longevity and rejuvenate the health. While we live in this world, it is the wish of all to live and lead a healthy life, free of disease and enhanced longevity. But because of the karma, and the planetary changes, our life may not happen the way we want, so we seek divine intervention and help by performing AyushHoma.

AyushHomam is explained by the sage Bodhayana in the Bodhayana sutras

When should one perform AyushHomam?

  • Ayushhomam can be performed on any day. However it is best to do on one’s birth star day. Same time avoid chandrashtama days of your birth star.
  • Those who are having health issues are advised to perform AyushHomam
  • Those who are going through the Ruling period of Rahu, Ketu or any Malefic planet as per horoscope is advised to perform Ayushhomam.
  • Children are best advised to perform Ayushhomam on every year of their birth star.. According to Bodhayana, if a child is constantly ill, this Homam can be performed on a monthly basis till the child attains good health.


What are the benefits of performing AyushHomam?

  • The Gods, pleased with the offerings grant the wishes of the devotees in the form of benefits like longevity, good health.
  • Those suffering from incurable illness may get relief and solution
  • Obstacles due to bad health will be removed and increased energy will be experienced

How is AyushHoma performed?

  • We choose the best time astrologically to start the homa, so that the best results are got.
  • Sankalpa is taken before the start of homa for whom the homa is done
  • Any homa must be performed with pure articles( Purecow Ghee, Pure cow Milk, fresh flowers, fruits) to appease the deity. So quality is important to get the results.
  • Qualified and experienced priests , who is authorised to perform homa by tradition
  • Homa is done for 7 deities

Live AyushHomaperfomed at a client’s house