A Horoscope of BS Yeddyurappa Oath taking

Karnataka political drama


A Horoscope of BS Yeddyurappa Oath Taking reveals about the journey of this man. The Karnataka Assembly Speaker  Ramesh Kumar on Sunday relieved Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa of a major headache by disqualifying remaining, so-called 14 rebel Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) MLAs. This was evident in the Karnataka Assembly as the Yediyurappa government won confidence motion by voice vote.

Karnataka Assembly is a 225-member house including one nominated Anglo-Indian MLA. Speaker Ramesh Kumar has disqualified 17 of them. 

The total strength of the Karnataka Assembly came down to 207 (Speaker excluded). Speaker can vote only in the case of a tie happens.

This brought down the effective majority mark in Karnataka Assembly to 104. The BJP has 105 MLAs of its own and declared support of one Independent MLA, who was till recently a minister in Kumaraswamy’s Govt.


Muhurtha Analysis – Oath Taking

A Horoscope of B S YeddyurappaThe above is the swearing-in chart of Yeddyurappa, which is taken on 26th July 2019,@ 18.40 hrs in Bengaluru.

The ascendant lord Saturn is in 12th with Ketu, which again clearly states that there is going to struggle in every step. As the conjunction of Ketu also denotes obstacles because it is in close degrees of each other.

The 2nd lord, Saturn, which governs finances is in 12th house of losses, which also shows the poor economy and tight finance during his period. Horoscope of BS Yeddyurappa is surrounded by astrological aspects.

 Another feature here is that both Ascendant and Moon are in CHARA Rasi (movable sign), which can show up some quick decisions and the Govt would want to do things pretty quickly. However, movable signs are not good for long stability.

The aspect of Jupiter is missing to Lagna, Lagna lord and to the Moon, which again does not show very positive results, however, the relief is that Jupiter is in 11th from Muhurtha Lagna.

Also to the fact that the oath-taking took place in the end, Bharani Nakshatra is not suited for auspicious ceremonies, and this is a downward Nakshatra which does not promise any progress. There can also be various infights, revenge, etc.. that can create a problem in stability of the govt.

Looking at the Tithi is Navami, which is also not good for any new undertaking. This also shows violence, destruction, and enemies.

So overall the Muhurtha does not promise a great period for Yeddyurappa.

Let us examine the horoscope chart of Yeddyurappa:

Born on 27th Feb 1943, in Mandya Dist.

Key events Ruling period – Vimsottari
1999 – Lost election Ven- Sat
2004 – re-elected as leader of the opposition Ven – Mer
2007 – CM for few days and resigned Sun – Rah
2008 – Won and became CM Sun – Jup
2011- Resigned from CM post Sun – Ven
2016 – Re-appointed as BJP leader of Karnataka Moon – Jup
2018 – became CM for very few days and then resigned Moon – Mer
2019 July 26th – CM of Karnataka again Moon – Ket

In most of Mercury periods, Yeddyurappa was in opposition, and even now, after completion of Mercury, he once again became CM of Karnataka. The reason is because Mercury is a Badhaka Lord and creates obstacles in fully achieving something. Horoscope of BS Yeddyurappa may not show well to this leadership.

Looking at an overall analysis, Yeddyurappa Govt may not complete its full term. This means the Karnataka political Drama is not over yet. Many surprises are awaited.

 Beginning of 2020, will not be favorable and he needs to take care of health.

We wish Shri Yeddyurappa very best in running the Government. 


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