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Best Astrology Services in Kochi

Astrology is considered to be a science. It’s the effect of movements of planets, stars, and other Celestine bodies on human lives. Astrology depends on the astronomy. The astrologers should know the right planet positions at any provided time, and also the proper position of the zodiac star signs based on the correct date of birth and date.


The science of Astrology indeed has its implications into far-reaching and profound philosophical and metaphysical domains. There are two main sections from the ancient scientists for the astrology.


  1. The first section deals with the recording and observation of the relative motions and positions of the celestial particles in time.
  2. The second part deals with the recording and observation of the correspondences taking place between celestial positions and the following aspects.


a. Natural phenomena like tides, floods, growth and evolution of animal and plant life, weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and more that occur on the earth.

b. Childbirth, female menstruations, disease, death, accident, illness, and other human  physical phenomena.

c. Love, envy, the sex urge, greed, hate, jealousy, avarice, and other Human psychological  phenomena.

d. The physical actions that are happening due to the above psychological phenomena like mating, robbery, rape, wars, murder, plunder, combats, and more.


As a whole, Astrology is the knowledge derived from the study and observation of the celestial bodies like the planet, starts, etc. on earth to determine the right solutions to the problems.


When it comes to Astrology services in Kochi, many astrologers have a thorough knowledge of the celestial bodies, horoscope, and more. Kochi is called the Queen of the Arabian Sea and therefore plays a vital role in every trade relations with the Middle East.


The astrologer service in Kochi provides different services and solutions to problems like black magic, divorce, education, tantra mantra, marriage, relationship break up with friends, family, or loved ones, jadu tona and more.


The future predictions are made in the astrologer services in Kochi. Just the birth ascendant, sun and moon sign, and planet positions are enough to find out the problem in human life. The astrology services in Kochi are not overpriced and are available at cost-effective rates. Only a proper practitioner can solve this problem with the astrology. The astrologers can deliver solutions to the problem caused in human life based on their karma.

999 / 50 Minutes

Talk with Astrologer


Consult directly over phone to Sri Raghunandanan by fixing a mutually convenient time. You can talk on any subject like, career, business, Property, Children, Inheritance, finance, health, relationship and marriage.

1200 / 60 Minutes

Face to Face Meeting with Atrologer


Great Opportunity Just for You!

The horoscope will be Manually analysed and Response to your question with effective solutions will be provided on the spot during the face to face meeting.